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[Pronounced: Oler Tahng er]
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Contact information

Ole Tange
Nyelandsvej 40, 4th
DK-2000 Frederiksberg
Email: cv@tange.dk
Phone: +45 60 66 66 99 (GMT+1)

Personal information

Citizenship: Danish
Languages: Danish: Fluently, English: Fluently, German: Partly, Swedish: Partly


Sep 2010- Bininformatician (Bioinformatics Center, Copenhagen University)

Responsible for IT infrastructure for sequencing machines and analysis of sequencing data. Working close with scientists I helped them optimize their computerized analysises by teaching them IT tricks and tools.

Oct 2008-Apr 2009 Stationed in Singapore (Ange)

As part of the job as developer I was stationed in Singapore at a customer. My tasks were to understand the customer's situation, fix the minor problems, and report the bigger problem back to Denmark. The 6 month stationing made it possible for me to get detailed knowledge on how our users think, so I was able to defend these views when I got back.

Mar 2007-Sep 2010 Developer (Ange)

I kept network and systems running and in Java I developed decision software for ship stowage optimization. The work included designing the data model for the system, ETL, data mining and collecting data from the shipping company's databases and transforming those into a format fitting the architecture. One of the formats was an undocumented binary format, which made parsing it quite difficult. The design and continued improvements for the design was based on interviews with users. Part of the job was also to explain users how to get the most of the system, discuss with users on how to improve the system and design the changes.

Oct 2005-Feb 2007 Site Reliability Engineer

As part of a team I kept 1000's of machines running 24/7. Tasks included installing new software (and rolling it back if this proved to give errors), setting up monitoring and automatic response systems, troubleshooting network and application problems down from hardware problems over TCP/IP-related problems all the way up to design flaws in the applications. Repeating tasks were automated primarily using Python and Shell.

Apr 2003-Oct 2005 System and network administrator (www.fi.dk / www.forbrug.dk - Danish Consumer Agency)

As a sys/net-admin I was responsible for installation, support, modification and troubleshooting of the Danish Consumer Agency's Linux servers. The services included mail, web, DNS, firewall, proxy, and web programming. I also designed the redundant network for higher availability.

I was technical advisor for the lawyers in lawsuits by the Danish Consumer Ombudsman and in new initiatives for legislation. I represented Danish Consumer Ombudsman in the government Think Tank on spam.

Nov 2000-now Free Linux agent (self-employed)

As a consultant I did installation, support, modification and troubleshooting of Linux servers for smaller companies with 1-50 servers. The services included mail, web, DNS, DHCP, fax-gateway, firewall, VPN, proxy, and IP telephony. The troubleshooting included troubleshooting and configuring Windows machines and Cisco routers communicating with the Linux servers. I also did security analysis of Internet installations (including one covering most Danish Internet Banks) and talks on IT-security and free software.

Sep 1997-Nov 2000 Security consultant at DK-CERT (Uni-C www.cert.dk)

Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) tried to improve security of the Internet. My job included security analysis of Internet-installations, talks on IT-security, handling of Internet security incidents (securing evidence, cleanup, and international coordination via CERT), and support of firewall - including error searching on protocol level.

DK-CERT was a part of UNI-C, who was the ISP for the Danish universities, and we worked closely to ensure the security of these networks.

Jul 1997-now CTO, Co-founder (Pi-Web www.pi.dk, an independent ISP)

I am responsible for analysis, design and implementation of the IT infrastructure. Several of the products were new and are still not widespread, such as email addresses with expiry date (e.g. ole-2005-11-10@tange.dk), and creating sub domains by creating a directory (e.g. tange.dk/ole -> ole.tange.dk).

Jun 1996-Jul 1997 Web programmer/sysadmin (Internet Design www.id.dk)

At Internet Design I took part in developing the first Danish Content Management System. We were also some of the first in Denmark to integrate web and databases.

Jan 1996-Jun 1996 DK-Hostmaster - DNS-admin for .dk (DKnet www.dknet.dk)

When I started the registration was done entirely by hand. I automated most of the procedures including setting up web forms.

1995 System administrator - Institute of Mathematics, Århus University (www.imf.au.dk)

Monitoring, maintenance and support of computers, printers, and network hardware.

1991 Stud. Scient Dat (DAIMI www.daimi.au.dk)


Received courses in:
  • Presentation techniques
  • Firewall-1
Held courses in:
  • Linux and log file analysis for the Danish Police's Computer Crime Unit (2002)
  • Perl for beginners
  • Internet security for Sektornet
Pending: -


Talks on: Pending: -

Press releases

Radio interviews

  • Netbank security
    • Danish National Radio (2000)
    • Copenhagen Radio (2000)
  • Spamming
    • Næstved Radio (1999)

Position papers

  • All position papers from IT-Pol (Co-author)


Pending: - Erasure of hard disks


Passive/ended projects: Active projects:


  • Internet 1991-
  • Perl 1993-
  • UNIX 1990-
  • Linux 1992-
  • Microsoft Windows 1991-1996
  • Apache 1996-
  • Postfix 1999-
  • BIND 1996-
  • C 1993-1996
  • Security analysis 1998-2006
  • Firewall-1 CCSE+CCSA 149370141
  • PHP 2000-2005
  • SQL 1994-1995,2000-
  • TYPO3 2004-2005
  • Python 2005-

Other experience

  • Educator
  • Speaker
  • Panelist
    • at the Parliament
    • in Ministeries
    • at conferences
  • Writing of press releases and press contact
  • Advocate for Free Software in the Parliament and ministeries
  • Writing of position papers for the Danish parliament and the EU parliament
  • Participation in IST (EU's IT conference)
  • Participation in think tanks as technical specialist


Spare time

  • Idea creator
  • Film
  • Art


  • Cycling
  • Swimming


  • Georg Greve - Free Software Foundation Europe
  • Keld Simonsen - DKUUG
  • Anne Østergaard - IT-Pol
  • Peter Toft - SSLUG

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