Siemens S55 and Linux

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I am going to buy a Siemens S55. My need is:
  • A calendar
  • A contact list
  • A phone
  • Ability to record phone conversations
From the specs it is not clear to see if you can record a phone conversation, but according to this review it should be possible. The manual also mentions this on page 40.

I intend to sync the phone with Microsoft Exchange at work and Evolution at home. To sync I will probably use MultiSync.

For transfering recorded phone conversations I will probably use ObexFTP as Siemens S55 is mentioned as a supported phone.

For setting up Bluetooth I used: http://www.fuschlberger.net/bluetooth/ with minor modifications for kernel 2.6. The tests worked.

Sidst ændret Sat May 7 22:23:50 2005