Ca. 264 ord.

- Giving away to everyone.

Pass-it-on is a way for you to give something to everyone else. It works by giving a product (e.g. a DVD, a book, or a toy) to someone who accepts to give it to someone else.

Example: You have a DVD that you probably never want to see again - not within the next year anyway. But if someone else can find it entertaining you would be more than happy to give it to him. However, maybe you do not know that someone. With Pass-it-on you do not have to. You just give it to someone that can just pass it on further to someone else.

To give a product away under the Pass-it-on terms you simply print a copy of the terms and give the product to someone who will accept the terms.

The Pass-it-on Terms - version 1

This product is given to you under the Pass-it-on terms which are the following:
  1. You must accept these terms or return the product to the previous owner.
  2. You must within 30 days give the product to another person that accept these terms or the terms in a later version. The newest version will be available at http://ole.tange.dk/pass-it-on This is to make sure you do not keep the product and maybe forget that the product is under the Pass-it-on terms.
  3. You must tell the previous owner, to whom you have given the product. This is to make it harder morally to break the terms and just keep the product.

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