Here is info on my Medion-95500 aka MD 95500 aka ALDI PC. I have sold my PC, so this page is only kept for historical reasons. If you make a page with more Linux-information on this machine please let me know so I can link to that.

Device Status
Graphics card: nVidia Geforce Go 6600 (PCI:0148 rev a2) Works in 1024x768 with VESA. Should be able to do 1440x900. Closed Drivers
TV-out: Untested. TV-in: Untested. Video-out: untested.
Multimedia controller: Phillips Semicondutors SAA7133 Audio+video broadcast decoder (rev 0f) Untested
DVD-RAM Mitsushita UJ-840S CD-R,DVD-R is readable. DVD-RAM untested
Netcard: Galileo/Marvell Tech (PCI: 4351 rev 10) Not detected by Knoppix 3.2
WIFI: Intel PRO/Wireless 2200 802.11g (PCI: 4220 rev 5) Kanotix 2005-03 finds this (according to Holger Petersen)
Modem: ? Not tried
USB: Intel (PCI:2658,2659,265a,265b) Not tried
Cardreader: ? Not tried
Touchpad Works. Even the scroll thingy
Firewire: Texas Instruments (PCI:8034) Not tried
Magic buttons near power button Not tried
BlueTooth Detected. Driver: bluez. Otherwise not tried
Infrared Not tried
Soundcard Not detected
Sub-woofer Not detected
PCMCIA Works. yenta_socket + pcmcia_core + ds
APM Not detected

Tips: PowerCinema Linux needs the last 100MB unpartitioned space:,79630,page=16 Released under (CC-By-SA)