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Breach of Service Policy - Disconnection server net0108

Dear Ole,

Due to breaches of our Terms and Policies by your server net0108 we have no other choice than to disconnect your server. Your server will remain offline until you respond to this notice, thereby enabling us to resolve this violation by other means. We regret that we have had to take this action to fulfill our responsibilities to protect others from this violation. You will receive the evidence shortly via the support ticketsystem. Please respond to this notice and assist us in finding another way to resolve this violation so we can continue to serve you as our customer.

According to our policy abuse issues are legal reasons for the disconnection of service.

Please note once again, finally, that only replies containing the full correspondence on this matter will be acknowledged and processed. This is our final communication on this matter until and unless we receive your response.

Kind Regards

Your serverloft-Team

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